Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Monopoly democracy now not appropriate for Nigeria, says Ezekwesili

Ex-Minister of Education, Dr Obiageli Ezekwesili, has stated  Nigeria can not development under a “monopoly democracy”.
Ezekwesili stated at a #FixPolitics conference prepared by means of the Robert Bosch Academy in Lagos on Monday that the united states of america was now not moving forward because old politicians have been exercising a political monopoly over the us of a.

She said, “When you have a look at the diploma of participation in a democracy, it will inform you whether or not such democracy is participatory or a monopoly. A monopoly democracy is extra risky than an economic democracy. To have a monopoly on how the system characteristic is to retard the device.

“In Europe, statehood is ready humans with a similar language coming collectively. In Africa, it became the Berlin Conference that marked out the territories. In Nigeria, administrative convenience propelled the colonial government to deliver the people together. It changed into patchwork.

“Nigeria is made up of those who had not anything in commonplace. There turned into no commonplace figuring out point of reference past the colonial energy’s administrative convenience.”

The former presidential candidate stated Nigeria ought to have triumph over the demanding situations because of the 1914  amalgamation if the proper matters had been carried out at independence in 1960.

Ezekwesili blamed the publish-independence leaders for now not renegotiating the phrases of Nigeria’s lifestyles after they changed the British.

She stated, “In gaining independence, there was some thing that had to show up that did now not take place. There had to be a discussion between those people that have been introduced together via the colonialists. That did now not occur. The truth that we did not keep some communicate on how to live collectively constituted an opening. These failures and gaps preserve to hunt us to these days.”

A  professor of political economy and management expert, Pat Utomi, said one of the maximum critical attributes of democracy changed into a rational public verbal exchange.

He stated, “In Nigeria, a terrible component has took place to us because any view that isn't always a ‘Kabiyesi’ view is taken on by way of public officers. I hoped that those laws on the social media bills on the loss of life sentence might be handed. You know why? Because the people which can be in office now when they leave workplace will be sentenced to dying. Because they're the largest sponsors of fake information towards people whose views don’t bring a ‘Kabiyiesi’ view.

“Our democracy cannot make development without having public conversations after which we analyze together after which the common top is advanced.

“The thesis that Dr Oby Ezekwesili has just superior, the thesis of democracy monopoly, is precisely the point I become making. When you have got that mindset of handiest one perspective, you can't make development. Monopoly capitalism has never led to innovation and increase and that is why countries just like the United States have anti-accept as true with legal guidelines to prevent monopoly.”
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