Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Whatever is fighting you might be older than you!!

While in a hot deliverance service I started laying hands on the heads of the congregants, my hand suddenly landed on the head of this young woman, immediately she started shaking and fighting violently! Who are you wicked spirit.. I asked under the authority of the Holy Ghost! 

"I am a mermaid from the stream" said the evil spirit speaking through this girl!! I am 800 years old, I made a covenant of blood with her ancestors even before her father's father was born said this spirit through this girl!! 

She can't get married, she can't have children, she can't have money, she can't have a job not until she settles my case!! Said this spirit further!!

In the name of Jesus I rebuked this wicked spirit and left this girl, 7 years she had separated with her husband now they are back, she had lost her job since 2011 now she is working and everything has turned around to the glory of God!! Listen what is fighting your break through might be older than you! What is frustrating your relationships might have started before you were born!!

Now let me prophesy!! any person that fought your grand father, that fought your father and that is fighting you now must die!! Any covenant of darkness that is following you by either name or blood must break, you can't continue like that, you can't be broke through out NO NO!! You can't be struggling the rest of your life! 

I am a prophet and for this purpose I was born let freedom come, let your break through manifest! I swear you will not die like your grand father! I am serious you can't finish like your father! Let the HOLY GHOST FIRE fall and consume any serpent resisting you now!!
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