Sunday, July 28, 2019

Know Who You Are, Never Loose Your Identity

I’ve seen it happen. When Jerry Savelle first began to work for my ministry, he didn’t have but one suit of clothes and one shirt with a pair of slacks to his name. 

He wore one, then the other, night after night to every service we held. He didn’t have the money to even think about buying another suit. I’m telling you, he was under pressure where clothes were concerned!

Then he found out about the principle of seed-faith and harvest. So, he went downtown in the city where we were in a meeting and found a fellow on the street who needed clothes and gave him some. Immediately people started giving Jerry clothes. It started in that meeting and they’ve been doing it ever since. 

Today, there are many preachers in Africa wearing Jerry Savelle suits! (Even if the sleeves and pant legs are way too short!) He’s still sowing and reaping the greatest clothes harvest I’ve ever seen.

If the devil’s pressuring you, don’t panic…plant! Plant your time. Plant your money. Plant the clothes off your back. 

When your harvest comes in, you can laugh and say, “Hey, Devil, who’s feeling the pressure now?The living God is changing your story as i speak now, in Jesus name. God reveals things to His prophets, 

He reveals the hidden things. Some of you are not living your identity, but today you will begin to discover who you are, your identity. Some people what they are in the spirit is different from what they are in the physical
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