Saturday, June 29, 2019

You Shall Deliver Prosperity, Good Health and Good Tidings

I command this month to fully line up and cooperate with your plan and purpose for it and your blessings to flow unhindered. You shall not be denied and I declare every portal of heaven to open with the unmerited favor and grace into your life and the life of your family

I declare that you are equipped with the right resources to fulfill your assignment in God's Kingdom I declare the will of God is superimposed over the will of evil spirits and evil men
I dismantle every evil power working against you this month to frustrate your days in this month, your assignments and activities.

I declare every witchcraft spirit directed towards you and operating around your territory and domain be destroyed by thunder, lightning and fire

I declare old cycles are broken beyond repairs and sent back to the pit of hell
I declare new cycles of victory, success, and prosperity

I declare that your ears are prophetically opened to the word of God to inspire you to righteousness and holiness

II declare that the angelic host of heaven is assigned to your life as divine warriors fighting on your behalf this September.. My Father  prayers will affect you positively in you,your family and all areas of your life. declare that your season of lack and frustration is behind you

I declare that your spiritual eyes are functioning with 20/20 vision for accuracy and the right understanding and interpretation of the Word and revelation of God
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