Tuesday, May 14, 2019

You Are Raised to Be a Child o Excellence

Today we get to see the wonderful impact that the prophet of God has made on the lives of women on the business front. Women are doing great exploits, it is the clear influence of Prophetess Mary as a mother and a woman of purpose. The women have basked in the anointing and are now manifesting the success that the Lord has granted those who love Him.

A beautiful panel of 6 women Partners took the stage to discuss the challenges and victories of starting and running your own business as a woman. They shared why partnering with a Major Prophet is vital for one’s business success.

Today we drew from the sound experience of Gugulethu Balfour, a daughter of Major 1 who owns Midco Civil & Building Construction – a professional teacher who has engaged the Tushiya anointing. We heard from Nobayeni Getyengana who runs Sugarcone Creations & Projects. It was exciting to listen as our flambouyant Partnership Director of Ceremonies today, Swazi added her light to the consortium inclusive of hotelier Felicia Harrison of Silverspoon Vantage Lodge a woman running on Rayon and the persistence taught at ECG.

Daughters of Major 1 Kele Sebathoma and Madineo Khumalo from the travel and ICT sectors also displayed how the anointing is working in their endeavours.

What work do you do and how can it help you create a pulpit where-ever you are as you partner with the prophet of God?
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