Thursday, April 11, 2019

I am Speaking To our Families, The Best Thing That Happened To us

"I want to pray for family to experience the move of God; Heavenly Father, Let a miracle happen right now, Every spirit that breaks marriages I cast you out. Every spirit of accident, Premature death, Confusion in families and misunderstanding, every spirut of Fighting i command it out. Every spirit of Poverty, sickness, darkness I command it out now.

I pray for you now.
Let there be a solution
Let there be a miracle in the mighty name of Jesus. Begin to pray for your family. "Never Give Up"!

on of Major 1 comes forward with a an authentic music, uplifting their faith with songs titled ”Never give up”, “Papa You Big" and “Miracle God”.

He speaks to the saints with a winning spirit in him because he knows better as a son of a Major 1 who never left God .

Viewers online, be encouraged to never give up and stay focused on God of Major 1 as performs and shares the power of serving a living God..."From tonight, you will discover your true identity. They will know your other side, but after this you will be a new person!” Those that rejected you will look for you; those who looked down upon you will look for you. There's a new thing happening in your life right now. 

Major 1 Lucky People
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